Transfer List

"It would be good to have him, but we're not going to miss him. We'll find the two or three points from somewhere else."

The key to making a good team? Have good players. You cant train them all by yourself, so you'll need to pick up quite a few on the transfer list. Search for players with specific skills within a desired range. You can give up to four restrictions on the search (Supporters choose up to 8), specifying the minimum and maximum allowed level for each skill. Click search to see the subset of the listed players matching your criteria. If you dont enter any restrictions, the entire list will be returned.

The transfer list works as a simple, first-price auction. That is, whatever value you enter as your bid, thats what you'll pay if you win the auction. Be mindful of your available funds when bidding; once you bid on a player, those funds are deducted from your available balance for as long as you are the high bidder, even though you might not end up winning the auction. The bank doesnt want you defaulting on your bid, so you can't use that money for other purposes. But don't worry - if someone else outbids you, you'll get your money back immediately.

When selling a player, some of the purchase price is used to pay agent fees and other taxes on the sale. The fees and taxes for a sale are determined by two factors: the amount of time that the player has been on your team, and the total number of sales your team has made in the previous 14 weeks. The fees are lowest when you have owned the player for a long time, and when you have made few sales in the preceeding weeks. Each of your players will have the currently-applicable fee shown on their individual player page. You cannot offer a player for sale until he has been on your team for at least 4 days.

We know that transmission delays can happen for a few seconds at the very end of an auction. Therefore, whenever a user places a bid on a player, the time remaining in an auction is extended so that three minutes must pass with no new bids before the auction is over.

Now, we weren't born yesterday. We know that some people are going to try to transfer money from friends by purchasing atrocious players from them at exorbitant prices. We have some algorithms that check purchase prices for any suspect behavior, and users who keep other players honest. If you see someone you think is trying to transfer funds in this way, please report them to one of the administrators. It makes the game more fun for everyone when the playing field is level.

Please note that once a player has been confirmed to be listed, he cannot be removed from the transfer list. Also, once a bid for a player has been confirmed, it cannot be retracted.

Players with a salary of at least $2500 that are manually fired are put on the transfer list. Players released by teams that have been abandoned (gone bot) are put on the transfer list if they meet the following conditions: TSP of at least 60, or be 18 year old and either have a salary above $2500 or TSP of at least 50. Both the fired players and the abandoned players have a starting price of ten times their salary, with the maximum possible listing price for all players being $500,000. If a player can't find a team interested in them at that price, they will begrudgingly accept retirement. Any players that are not deemed as top talent in their age group will just retire right away.

Transfer Price Estimate

On each of your own player pages, and on the pages of every player on the transfer list, you will find a section called Transfer Price Estimate. This estimate is based upon the transfers of similar players during the preceeding weeks, and should give you a rough idea of how much money a given player will sell for. Because no two BuzzerBeater players are alike, and because the transfer market is always changing, the accuracy of the estimates will vary greatly. Even when it works well, remember that the estimate is merely a measure of the current transfer market, and not an indication of a player's value on the court.

Player Acquisition Restrictions

Player acquisition is restricted based on team world ranking. This means that highly skilled (and paid) players will refuse to move to low ranked teams and will not even accept bids from such teams. Players are sometimes very picky about where they will transfer to (even though they aren't overly strict about that).
The salary limit is calculated as a function of the team rank versus the players salary and it's shown on the transfer list page.
The restriction has a very important anti-cheating and anti-farming role, making the game playing field more level for everyone.

Server downtime

Server downtime is almost never planned. In cases when it is planned, the transfers are delayed. In other cases it is impossible do so because we don't know when they will happen. Unplanned means that they are unpredictable.
When placing a player on the TL, we advise the lowest acceptable value is put as a starting price. This will insure that the player is never sold for less. Since crashes are unpredictable and virtually unpreventable (although we work very hard on avoiding them), setting a lower value is considered risky. In these cases, the seller is accepting a small possibility of a server crash with hopes of getting buyers into a bid war and selling the player for much more than the lowest acceptable value. Therefore, the responsibility lies with the seller.
It is important to note that sales finished during server downtime are never retroactively undone.

While the rules have been translated by our wonderful language administrators, the only official versions of the BuzzerBeater Rules or Terms of Service are those written in American English.