"Do what you need to do. But just be forewarned that if you're going to (deleted) with me, I'll (deleted) right back."

What would a community be if the users couldn't communicate easily with one another? BB-Mail is an mini e-mail center for chatting with other BB users.

The menu on the right of the BB-Mail page will help you navigate within the message center:

  • Create New Message: Enter another user's alias in the "To" field, type in any subject header, and you can send messages. Messages are limited to 1000 characters for non-Supporters, while Supporters are limited to 3000 characters. To free up some text space when replying to a message, you might want to delete the old text.

  • View NEW Messages: Click here to see a list of unread messages. From this list (and any other list of messages), click on the message subject to view the message, or click on the senders name to create a reply message. Messages from yourself or your assistant coach are internal BB messages from your team's staff to you.

  • View READ Messages: Once you have read a message, you can find it in this folder.

  • View ALL Messages: Click here to see all read and unread messages, ordered by the date they were received.

  • View SENT Messages: Your Sent folder contains a copy of all of the messages you've sent recently. You can check whether they have been read by the recipient.

No BB staff (BBs, GMs, LAs, or MODs) will ever ask you for any of your login information, including your login name, password, or access key. Please report any attempts to do so via the Report Cheaters page.

While the rules have been translated by our wonderful language administrators, the only official versions of the BuzzerBeater Rules or Terms of Service are those written in American English.