BuzzerBeater's Best

"I've won at every level, except college and pro"

Each season, the very best teams in the world battle for supremacy in an international tournament known as BuzzerBeater's Best, or B3. Only the most successful teams from the previous season are invited to take part. Two teams are invited from each country, the champion of the National Tournament, and the winner of the country's division I league. If a single team wins both contests, they are the sole invitee from their country. In addition, the champions of all previous B3 tournaments are invited to participate in perpetuity.* To reach 128 teams, the remaining spots will be filled by the top ranked teams who were runner-ups in their country's National Tournament, their country's division I league championship, or the previous season's B3 and BBM Tier 1 tournaments.

The BuzzerBeater's Best tournament begins with a qualifier stage. In the qualifier rounds each team will play seven neutral site games. Once this stage has completed the top 64 teams qualify for a seeded, single-elimination tournament that will be played at neutral sites. Players must join their teams prior to the 64-Team Round in order to be eligible to play in any bracket game.

B3 games are played each Wednesday, at a set enthusiasm of 12. While players do gain experience from games, they can not suffer more than an in-game injury. Playing minutes do not affect their training and game shape. Participating teams do not receive money from ticket sales for B3 games. Rather, the winner of each game is awarded a fixed cash prize. The prize scale for winning a round is as follows:

  • Final Game: $ 500 000

  • Semi-Final: $ 250 000

  • Quarter-Final: $ 150 000

  • 16-Team round: $ 100 000

  • 32-Team round: $ 75 000

  • 64-Team round: $ 60 000

  • Round-Robin Win: $ 40 000

* NOTE: Previous B3 Champions must have a world rank of less than 500 at the beginning of the season to qualify.
While the rules have been translated by our wonderful language administrators, the only official versions of the BuzzerBeater Rules or Terms of Service are those written in American English.