The All-Star Game

"I knew I was dog meat. Luckily, I'm the high-priced dog meat that everybody wants. I'm the good-quality dog meat. I'm the Alpo of the NBA."

~Shaquille O'Neal


During week 7 of the regular season, the top players in each league will compete in a series of All-Star competitions. The top shooters will have a three-point competition; there will be a dunk competition implemented in the future; and these festivities will conclude with a full All-Star game between the two conferences. You can link to the All-Star homepage from your league’s Standings page.

The top players are chosen by the fans based on in-game performance during the season. On the Saturday leading up to the All-Star week, the votes are revealed to the managers (see the “Voting Results” link), as well as the roster for the All-Star game (“All Star Game Rosters”). The Three-point contest starts an hour before the game (“Three Point Shooting Contest”), and the game (“All Star Game: Live Match Report”) takes place at the usual time of day for games. After the game, you can check out the boxscore like any other match (“All Star Game: Box Score”).

Schedule of Events:

  • Saturday: League game at regular time; All-Star players selected

  • Sunday:

  • Monday: National Team games

  • Tuesday: National Tournament

  • Wednesday: All-Star Game and Contests

  • Thursday: Scrimmage/Second National Tournament

  • Friday: Private League games (Supporters only)

The Three-Point Competition:

You can watch this “live” from the Three Point Shooting Contest page. Six top shooters will each get 25 shots, in groups of 5. Every fifth shot (depicted by a blue ball) is worth 2 points, while the other shots (orange balls) are worth 1 point. A gray ball means that the shot was missed. The two best players advance to the final round, where another 25 shots are taken with the same rules. In the case of a tie, the winner is the player with the most three point shots made during the regular season to date.

The All Star Game:

This game is all about fame and glory. Did you player make the top 10 in your conference? Can he get along with his chief rival from that other team enough to work together? One lucky team will be chosen to host the All-Star game at their arena. However, we have made it so that no team benefits from the all-star game at all; injuries won’t be carried over to the league games, minutes played don’t count towards training or game shape, and there is no arena revenue from the game.

The Extra Tournament Game:

In order to be able to have as many teams as possible participate in the national tournament, there are two tournament games this week. However, there is only one scrimmage, so be sure to adjust your training schedule to account for a two-game week if you are not in the National Tournament at the start of the week!

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