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Date: 05/30/2021 10:34:48
Team Payabang
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I agree... it also can show how serious BB is willing to give away prizes to their beloved users...

It would be nice if just like a message notification... the timers would be beside their corresponding menus:


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Date: 06/03/2021 05:31:16
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It could be interesting to manage advertising at the sports hall. What do i mean? There are billboards around the playing field, that's it. It would be nice to be able to manage a sort of negotiation with sponsors for the spaces of these posters. After each home game there are proceeds based on the contract made with the advertising company, the contract should have the number of games. The quality of the sponsors could be linked to the quality of the spokesperson or in any case to mechanisms whereby if I have better staff then I sign better contracts. Thank you

From: Malkers
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Date: 06/18/2021 05:58:36
PGE Małkersy Zgorzelec
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Second Team:
Moys Aurochs
Make all rounds in Play-offs "best of 3" - it would be more exciting

Cut the bid extension to 60 or 90 seconds. Now if you want to buy a player you need to spend 30 Minutes for this. Internet is faster than 10 years ago.

These are quick and easy changes which would make the game better.

From: sergio

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Date: 06/21/2021 12:19:30
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Completely agree cut the bid extension time please

It's so annoying sometimes having to fight a bid for 1 hour or 2 hours

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Date: 06/21/2021 13:17:29
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Depends, if you employ tactics like I do to tire out my competitor then it's going to last from 30 minutes minimum to 1hour.

Just because you don't have bid wars going on for 30 minutes doesn't mean there aren't countless other who do, anecdotal evidence.

If you reduce the bid time from 2 minutes to 90 or 60 seconds you're going to drastically reduce the time it takes to buy a player sometimes.

I have to employ certain tactics in order to save money which make me waste 30 minutes to 1 hour in bid wars, if you're still skeptical you can check some of the players whom I've bought recently.

edit: Quite frankly increasing the % is counter productive, 90% of BB teams don't have your financial prowess for sustaining increased bids, 99% of teams in BB are going to want to save the most money they can, this is a silly advice that doesn't help with anything quite frankly

Last edited by sergio at 06/21/2021 13:22:03

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Date: 06/21/2021 13:33:22
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No need to get butthurt just because someone stated a different opinion than yours, buddy .

Change the whole system? Clearly you're unneducated in technical terms as well, changing the timer should be as simple as changing a line of code in BB, 'should be' because I don't have access to BB code, but don't make this simple tiny change seem like a monster problem, lmao.

Lastly the vast MAJORITY of BB users will employ bid time wasting tactics and will try to save the amount of money they put in their bids to the maximum. Think what I'm saying is anecdotal evidence? Why don't you go and see for yourself, get into a bid war, employ a time tactic in order to tire out or discourage the opp and try to minimize the amount of money you invest into the bid, check how much time you're going to waste normally.

Hint: If we're talking about a player whose real value is 1M and his bid is at 500k check how much time you're going to waste.